Dear Blog,

This isn't the type of thing that I should write in a letter but I'm not sure I can tell you to your face. I have tried to tell you before, but every time you open in my browser window and look at me like that, it reminds me how much I love you. I really do love you. I have never stopped loving you. It's just that I am weak. And one night, while you were sleeping, I opened a Facebook account. It just caught my attention. And it's been fun. I can't deny that. I've enjoyed it. I even played with it while I was on vacation. I am so ashamed.

I'm not sure what I am asking you for. All I can do is tell you that I still love you, but I am not going to stop seeing Facebook. It fills a need in my life that you don't. Now that I am sharing all of this with you, I should probably tell you that I have been seeing LinkedIn too. I'm not trying to hurt you, but I thought you should know.

I feel a little guilty about all of this. What do you think? Can we work this out?