This time of year, I'm burning excess vacation days and you may be doing the same or hiding from in-laws in your "man room". Spending major bank on holiday gifts could have you thinking about your paycheck ("Am I being paid what I am worth?") and even though I know all my blog readers wouldn't bother with something as trivial as New Years resolutions, you can start to think about what's in store for 2008. Like I've said before, it's a great time to work on your resume. Spike that eggnog and sit down to polish that sucker up. The best time to work on your resume is when you don't need to.

My gift to you? A little greatest hits version of resume advice.

Resume templates

Resume Grammar

Online resources for resume writing

It's "experience", not "experiences"

Digital resume format

Using the word "expert" on your resume

Why you should work on your resume right now

Resume keywords

Writing a resume from scratch (which doesn't involve eggnog, but it wouldn't hurt)

Another post about working on your resume over the holidays. Let's call it variations on a theme.

Resume blogging

Posting resumes on job boards


Rock on, job seekers. And Happy Holidays.