Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays. Oh yes, I am one of those politically correct "happy holidays" people....so if you are celebrating something, I hope it's a good one. And if you aren't, then have a nice day. And if you are offended by "happy holidays", feel free to move along.

I'm not really much of a holiday celebrator. If my people didn't celebrate them, I could go through this entire month sans overeating, Christmas carols, screaming children at the mall. But the fact is that a bunch of people that I really care about care about Christmas. And I love bringing sugary treats over to their houses and watching the kids smoosh them into their faces and then lose their damn minds while opening presents. Good stuff (including the part where I get to leave them with the mayhem I helped create) and totally worth the food hangover I am experiencing now. Only 2 more official days of merriment before I can take a break (b-day is Wednesday....yay, I stayed alive for another year! Can we go easy on the food on my b-day please?).

Personally, I care more about the passing of the year than any of this other stuff.  My close friends know that this year totally sucked for me (except for work, which has been great). So it's to those friends that I owe a huge THANK YOU for getting me through all this shizz (you know who you are). I've decided that the bad stuff is officially over as soon as 2007 is. And 2008 is the year when I take good care of me! Over and out.