I didn't know that today, I would buy a car. Everything was cool until this afternoon. Then, the FJ Cruiser that had been in my head and occasionally in front of me at a stop light needed to be in front of me with a sticker on the window, listing all manner of options that I didn't need but would have to pay for. And then I would check the blue book value (or have it checked for me), drive the thing and ask about the Microsoft discount (oh yes, we do).

I just figured that when the Thetans invaded, that I would need 4 wheel drive to at least pass through Eastern Washington. Also, when global warming once again turns my hill into an icy slope, I'd like to do something besides wine and get drunk at the bottom of the hill next time. I totally needed 4 wheel drive. And although I am quite a clean person, trying to vacuum dog hair out of the interior of my last car was an exercise in frustration. Now I can hose it out. With a hose.

I had fully intended that my next car by a hybrid. But when I thought about it in terms of carbon footprint and the fact that I maybe fill up my gas tank once a month, I felt that it was kind of justified. Plus, it's all about the functionality. And the cuteness.

I can't wait to wake up tomorrow and drive somewhere.


PS: This definitely does NOT mean that I intend to go camping or off-roading! And I am still just as girly as I was yesterday; just with a kick ass car.