Heard on the news that today is the "most depressing" day of the year. I don't think that they were talking clinical depression because who can turn it on or off for one specific day? I think what they are talking about is getting the blues...you know, more in line with SAD and broken new years' resolutions (I'm not making light of the former and the latter is a joke...we all know that, right?)

As far as the blues go, I am  particularly un-blue today...what's the opposite of blue? Orange? I'm orange today. It's sunny out and you can see the mountains. Stunning. Good weekend and someone very cute was involved (and that's all you are going to get). I have a new shiny car, a clean house, a full refrigerator, good health. The gym is starting to empty out.  I like my outfit today and I have a dentist appointment, which I actually enjoy because I love that perfectly clean feeling afterward (I know that's weird).

Also, I got some awesomely delicious blog hate mail today. The best part is that one doesn't have to be articulate or make sense to push the send button. So what's not to enjoy?

Yeah, it's only half over but I'm calling it a good day.