Much is being made of the values of "Millenials" relative to other worker age groups, in this 60 Minutes report. Part of the fun of watching it is Morley's face when talking about the Millenials. He looks like he just smelled something bad. OK, so as not to regurgitate the same fluff that was put out when Fortune wrote about this last year, I have a few comments on this report:

-60 Minutes needs to get some new blood. Morley's cuddly and all but if your opinion is written all over you face (and your word choice, tone of voice, etc), maybe a moderate perspective is required. I don't know how he could have not acted all shocked by this but it was distracting, if not thoroughly entertaining.

-speaking of which, the reports acts as if nobody sits between the Boomers and the Millenials. Next up on 60 minutes: a report of how news shows cater to the boomer audience in their reporting. Come on producers, get it together.

-Blaming Mr. Rogers is a low blow. First, Mr. Rogers was MY generation, not the Millenials generation. Second, we got our fair share of losing and recessions and "business attire" to not exhibit the same behaviors as the Millenials. It's a matter of degrees and there's nothing wrong with a little liberally applied affirmation from a man is a cardigan sweater and keds.

I think it's all an over-reaction to what came before; which is natural. That's not to say that the "me first" attitude isn't a little annoying. But surprising? Not really.


(Edit: added link to Fortune article. Also, thanks to Darryl for the post idea and link)