I haven't been writing because I've been sick and the last thing you want to do when you are sick is anything that requires an attention span of more than a few minutes. I'm not telling you this because I feel guilty; I don't. I'm just filling up that blank space on my blog where my most recent posts should have been. It's kind of like I tell job seekers not to leave significant date gaps on their resume. So also with the blog. I haven't run off to join a start-up, I haven't fallen without the ability to get up, I haven't stopped loving you.

I have been neti potting (holy mackerel that feels good and it's gross in an entirely gratifying sort of way), eating vitamin C, making return trips to the drug store...oh, and visiting the McDoctor (urgent care). You would think they could do something about the customer (let's not call them patients...I don't buy it...the guy spent 3 minutes with me) experience in those places. I get that urgent means that people kind of go there as a last/only resort. But at some point, I do believe that people will cause great harm to themselves so they don't have to suffer the irritation and indignity (did I mention the long wait and rude receptionist?). I was out of town (and have had much better experiences with our local offering), so I don't want to paint them all with the same brush. But it was bad.

Also? So incredibly sick of the taste of cough drops. Anyway, things are clearing (so says the neti pot...sorry....TMI). Hoping I'm turning the corner with the help of some antibiotics. I was going to tell you that I am not complaining but I totally am. This is exactly what I get (literally about a day) after telling someone I never get sick. Serves me right.