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March, 2008

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    The greatest invention ever...

    ...index cards. I swear. When I was in high school, a teacher taught us how to use note cards to construct a paper: you make an outline, transfer it to note cards and then add extra cards throughout to supplement with content. You re-order, create transitions...
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    This should come with some kind of mood altering substance

    Your mailbox is almost full. Please reduce your mailbox size. Delete any items you don't need from your mailbox and empty your Deleted Items folder. Your total mailbox capacity, shown above, refers to the limit at which you will no longer be able to...
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    About working from home

    I get lots of questions about working from home. Did I ever share photos of my home office now that I bought the whole furniture get-up? I should do that. Most of the questions that I get have to do with the temptations. People rarely mention the specific...
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    Mother, please

    My friend Michael is pimping his sister's blog. Which would kind of remind me of all the blog-pimpy e-mails I get around here (and the link swap offers....the answer is no, thank you). But the diff is that Michael's sister is funny. And so is your mother;...
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    The incredible weirdness of blogging

    You may have thought that I was kidding about the tequila last night but I was not. I love the idea of celebrating little things in life like finishing a project or buying a new car. So anyway, off we went to Matador in Redmond last night. I wanted to...
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    Done with midyear career discussion. Pass the tequila.

    I remember when I was a recruiter, we all used to gather in a small, whispering pack and complain about having to write our "midyear". We used to have midyear reviews, now we have midyear career discussions. There's a difference. Now, it's not a performance...
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    What is up with these facebook people?

    I feel a rush of snark to the brain. You can only hold the snark down for so long and then something has to pop. Right now? It's some of the asshattery that is taking place on facebook. And I fully expect to update this post regularly, if you know what...
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    My personal life is rearing its ugly head

    Have had some bad stuff go down lately. I thought that 2007 was my bad year, but now I am thinking that technically it was April of 2007 - April of 2008. Or let's hope just to March of 2008. It's nothing that I can talk about here (and you all have been...
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    Looking for info: blogging in Asia and Australia

    Sitting down tonight (I know) to work on some slides for a presentation I am doing in Australia to an audience of Asians and Australians about blogging. Well, I know enough about blogging in the US to get by, but I don't know much about how it's different...
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    My blog is a pre-schooler

    I missed this last week, partly because I don't really care (does the age of your blog mean anything?) and partly because I'm under an avalanche at work and partly because I've got a lot of stuff going on outside of work that is clogging up my brain....
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    Blog commenter self-awareness

    Every blogger knows a couple of these. Some of us may have even done this before. Timbaland says: resist the urge, step away from the keyboard and decide whether you still care tomorrow and how much of an ass hat you appear to be online. If you think...
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    What does Irony Taste Like?

    Super-light, not too fruity, high acid and clean finish. What, you were expecting a more thought-provoking blog post; something about a black fly in your Chardonnay? Anyone who knows me well understands that I could not resist buying a wine named Irony...
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    Never go to bed angry

    Whomever invented that little gem had no idea what they were talking about. Either that or they directed it a small portion of the population; the people that didn't need to chill out until some of the madness wore off. I don't anger easily (though I...
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