Whomever invented that little gem had no idea what they were talking about. Either that or they directed it a small portion of the population; the people that didn't need to chill out until some of the madness wore off. I don't anger easily (though I can be easily annoyed), but when I am angry, a little chill-out session is in order. It is a gift I give to the people in my life. It's all about the most effective method of communicating. For me that happens when I am not totally still stinging from something someone did to intentionally piss me off (I kid) or some bad thing that happened to me. A little time and my perspective absolutely adjusts. I didn't always know this but I do now.

Same goes for blogging. So before I write about the fact that four out of the last 5 times I have traveled, things have totally gone wrong (the worst of which took place over the last two days), I am going to let the bitterness subside.

You're welcome.