I missed this last week, partly because I don't really care (does the age of your blog mean anything?) and partly because I'm under an avalanche at work and partly because I've got a lot of stuff going on outside of work that is clogging up my brain. That's not a complaint, just a description of where I am at right now. Definitely feel like I need to do more blogging, so acknowledging my bloggaversary is a good way to jump back in, I suppose.

Anyway, last week marked 4 years of blogging for me. And today, while I was coloring my hair (you have to sit still, you know), I did some ego surfing to get a view of what has gone on our there on the interwebs for the last 4 years and it still looks like people are talking about someone else, not me. They are talking about this blog person. And although it's totally me, sometimes I just don't feel like that person. I think it's like this when the parts of my life I don't really blog about; family, relationships, my perception of my own mental health (really thought about inserting an emoticon here...I'm kind of kidding, kind of); when all that stuff is what's swirling around my head. Whee!

So I have some blog posts percolating that will be coming soon. You know, work related stuff. I'm better at pretending that I have all this work stuff pulled together than I do other stuff.

Oh anyway, happy 4th birthday, Blog Heather. Have a cupcake. Or ten.