Have had some bad stuff go down lately. I thought that 2007 was my bad year, but now I am thinking that technically it was April of 2007 - April of 2008. Or let's hope just to March of 2008. It's nothing that I can talk about here (and you all have been so nice about my complaining about all my problems over the last several months), but you know I keep that really personal stuff off the blog. But once again, just asking you to hang in there with me. I have some healing to do. But I promise that I will be back with lots of snark and sarcasm as soon as I have it in me.

I just need some time to feel more like me.

{Edit: my mom wanted me to update this blog post so you all didn't think I am nuts. We just have some sad family stuff going on....I know....again!  I'm going to be fine...but don't want my mom to worry about people thinking that I'm a psycho or something....haha}