I don't think I have time to get through all that I did yesterday. So let's call this part one, I'll write what I can and then I'll add more with photos later on.

Tour pick up at 6:50 AM (I know! But I was up!). They pick up a bunch of us tourists at our hotels and drive us all up to Port Douglas for our respective tours. Port Douglas is about an hour north. the first half of the drive is a lot of sugar cane fields. The second part is along the ocean. Beautiful, but really no beaches along the way. Cairns was selected because the port was deep, hence, limited beach access. And that's why they invented pools. I think captain Cook did. Uh huh. Port Douglas is such a cute resorty town. If I were to come back and just want to relax, that would be a great place.

So we drop off some folks and pick up others. They have this tour stuff down. Our tour guide is George and he is semi-retired and he is awesome. The kind of awesome where if he was stung by a jellyfish, I'd pee on him. I told him that. He's kind of father-like. Lots of fun! In our group, 4 from Melbourne, 2 kiwis, 2 other single American gals and me. All are super friendly. We took a ferry to cross the Daintree river. it runs on cables.

So first we go off to trek a bit through the rain forest. We walk in and George talks to us about how the rain forest works. Tons of info, I won't try to recount here. I took some pics and will post those later. We all had to cover ourselves with bus spray. It was interesting. Kind of like the lemony sister to patchouli. It was a bit stinky but it worked! The rain forest was amazing. And we saw some fauna. I'll post the pictures with the names of the animals together. Have to look some of it up. It was cool. Then we went off to have lunch: fish and salad. Really good.

Oh dang it. I have to go. Time for my reef tour. Sunny Day. Will finish part two tonight.