She has David Blaine on her show today and he's trying to set a record for staying underwater. Is it just me or that guy kind of creepy? It's his deadpan delivery. No duh he can get his heart rate down; seems like it's down all the time. Anyway, I've gotten used to puffy doctor Phil trying to insert himself into the sensational stories (Britney, cheerleader bullies). And as much as I'd like to imagine Oprah being annoyed that she ever gave birth to "Dr. Phil" (the brand), I'm noticing her show getting more "sensational" itself. Still, her make-up is amazing. I can't dislike her. I'm just bugged.

Is David Blaine going to make my life better?  He's not famous enough for me to care about him bouncing up and down on an ecru leather sofa proclaiming his love for his amazing, much younger girlfriend. He hasn't written a book and then erroneously marketed it as a biography and then deserved a public humiliation because Oprah picked it for her book club. Jeez, he isn't even introducing us to any of our "favorite things". We are getting into "Inside Edition" territory here. In her mind, does Oprah know that this is really bad? Does she have an inner Timbaland saying "baby girl, this show is gonna suck".

I imagine a staff meeting at Harpo with a frenzied discussion about a canceled guest or an unbooked program. I mean come on.

I also admit that I could come up with nothing else to write about today except whether you could use marcona almonds to make pesto sauce (guess I'm still tired....yeah, I noticed all the typos in my Australia posts...lack of sleep); which I am going to try tonight. So just be glad that I was mildly annoyed by David Blaine's presence on my TV set when all I really wanted was a cooking segment called "all about almonds" or at least something life changing. Is that too much to ask for? Oprah?

Is it too much to hope that her next show includes The Fonz in his leather jacket and he actually shows her how to jump the shark?