I was going to start this blog post telling you that I am not normally the ind of dork that would buy a scooter. Problem is, I am exactly the kind of dork that would buy a scooter. When I was in college, I rode one to work one summer (no car, and it was better than the bus). Anyway, it's been a long time since then and every once in a while, I see my neighbor across the street jet down his driveway in his scooter (usually dressed in a rain slicker of some sort).

Saturday, I went shopping with a friend and on the way home, I filled up my gas tank. For the first time ever, it cost $60. Sixty on the nose. I'm not sure why that number struck me so hard. Maybe because it was not that long ago at all that the number was $35. What the?

So after coveting my neighbor's scooter and having "sticker shock at the pump" (why is that in quotes?...we should not talk about it enough to put it in quotes), I kind of made up my mind that I was going to buy one.

This is my normal thought process around buying bigger ticket items: I stew on it for a very long time. Sometimes it's not a stringent intellectual process; it's in the back of my mind and every time I am reminded of the thing of my desire, I make a mental note ("oh yeah, I still want one of those" ). This is what happened with the car until one Friday afternoon, I went to the dealership, surely looking like the easy prey I was, with the intention of driving off the lot with a shiny new SUV. I kept seeing FJ Cruisers and then suddenly, it was like "<click>....I must get one". OK, so same with the scooter.

After the gas tank fill-up, I decided on Sunday that this was the day that I was going to buy one. And I was able to fully rationalize it on the way to the dealership (dealership? scooter store?) by calculating how much money I would save each time I filled up the tank on the scooter ($24).  I'm pretty good at talking people, including myself, into or out of buying something.

One of the good things about a scooter is that they aren't so expensive that you feel bad about buying the cutest one they have. I wanted a 50cc model so I didn't have to have a special license or anything. My intention is to use it to zip around Redmond, 3 miles to work, 2 miles to the store, a mile to the coffee shop.....zip, zip, zip.

This is what I got: a Sym Mio. Cute, huh?

It only goes about 30 MPH, but that's OK. I'll be driving in city traffic. getting it home from Lynnwood yesterday was fun. it was about a 20 mile drive and I got to go through cute downtown Bothell and ride past the wineries in Woodinville. It was a nice ride, especially, since the sun was out.

So I am sure this will make the enviro-zealots happy, especially the guy that said if I was going to pollute the earth with my big car, I should at least have the common sense to over-populate it was well with a "gaggle" of kids (sound reasoning, to be sure). I do think about fuel efficiency and when it's a quick trip and I don't need to to haul anything, I'll use the scooter. Plus, I can pretty much park wherever I want; a big benefit n campus.

The downside? Helmet hair. Yeah, like I'm not use to my hair looking messed up.