OK, first of all, I'm having a kick ass weekend. Limited major commitments, the weather rocks and I slept through the night for the first time in months.

Anyway, I've discovered the validity of a few platitudes this weekend. This is the kind of inane stuff that runs through my mind when I am not working. Enjoy.

Better living through science: I can verify that this one is indeed true. Because I went to the doctor on Thursday and now I am finally sleeping. You know all those things that complete the sentence "It's better than_____". Well, when you aren't getting sleep, it's better than all that stuff and pizza too. Because you can't even begin to enjoy that stuff fully when you are walking around like the un-dead. My eyes look alive again. Whee!

Playing Possum: Jonas freaked the crap out of one this morning. When I saw it and called him inside, it was just laying there. I thought it was dead. A few minutes later it was gone (it was just a little one). And yes, I know that it's called an opossum. It's just that nobody says "playing opossum" (well, anyone who does is super annoying).

You don't sh*t where you eat: Well, I've really only heard this one. However, I can confirm that if you are a dog in my house, you do pee where you sleep. Is that close enough? And so we have the "big green carpet cleaning machine" out today. With the heat, the carpet will dry in a jiffy. But still, Jonas...bad doggy! My weekend was supposed to be filled with bathing suits, books and chardonnay. Naughty, naughty boy.