I've kind of lost interest in TV lately. It's the whole "is it making my life better?" thing that I have been going through. It's amazing the other places that your mind can go to when it's not overstimulated by commercials for Proactive and reruns of shows you have already seen before. I'm not saying that I don't watch TV anymore. I just pretty much only watch things I have recorded (with the exception of the news on occasion) and I only record things that I care about. I'm sick of being bombarded with crap. My brain wants peace. Which is why I am also 86ing a bunch of the magazine subscriptions and why I haven't gone through my bloglines account in about a week (until this morning).

Some of the things I don't care about and therefore don't want to hear about: Brad and Angelina, Jenna Bush's Wedding, American Idol, DWTS, Nicole Ritchie, anyone's "baby bump" for that matter, Mariah Carey, celebrity weddings, the fourth hour of the Today show (mind numbing and irritating all at once), Miley Cyrus, weight loss makeovers, contrived reality TV, Jessica Simpson's heartbreak (again?), pro football, pro baseball, gas prices (you can't do anything about it except for vote), oh yeah...Hilary Clinton, the rain in Seattle (yeah, haha...we never heard about that before), celeb DUIs, bad plastic surgery, post-baby weight loss secrets, celeb tattoos, stuff you can buy on sale (Tuesday Morning is so not interesting to me anymore), fast food or crappy food of any kind, the problem with today's youth, whether we are buying Yahoo!, whether John Travolta got hair plugs, anything related to Tom Cruise, EVOO (the acronym, not the food), economic stimulus (how 'bout we drop some interest rates guys?), bloopers, getting Punk'd or Punking, dresses on the red carpet, movie premieres (though I have to say: hated SJPs hat but love her for wearing it), paparazzi, carboydrates, did I mention American Idol?

Anyway, it's amazing what the silence sounds like, or doesn't. Last weekend, I took a 4 day weekend so I could spend 2 days "doing" and 2 days relaxing. That's called progress. I'd forgotten some of the things I loved like reading and doing creative things. I'm going to create some artwork for my living room this weekend. I bought a big picture at Costco to fill up some empty wall space in my living room a few years back. This was before my "don't buy it if you don't love it phase". Now the picture just annoys me.

I've become addicted to this blog, because I like looking at beautiful interiors. It's inspiring. I get ideas that feed my creative side (oh yeah, I'm right brain dominant for shizzle). About 5 years ago I did some artwork for my house that I got a lot of compliments on (think Mondrian meets Pigpen)...it's in my attic and I don't feel like going up there right now or I would take a picture. I also scanned all my family photos over this past year since my grandparents both passed. So I am going to create some new artwork that works with my colors here and I am going to incorporate some images from family photos. I'll post a picture when I'm done. I may just paint right over my Costco canvas.

I'm not sure why, but I am relieved to release some of the noise from my life and focus on something enjoyable and creative. Also, the sun is out; how can you not feel good about that? Now my whole "TV off" thing should not give you the wrong impression. I am working my way through seasons 1-4 of Nip Tuck (I'm one of those dorks who will buy the DVDs so they can watch the series in order...feel free to pass judgment). But I am doing it slowly.

As for the rest of the weekend, aside from dinner with part of the fam and a birthday get-together with friends, I've got nothing planned. NOTHING. And that's the way I like it these days. There will be minimal e-mail checking (hello, ego. Because e-mail means people like you and you are important...jeez).