I know I shouldn't be working this weekend but I did cut out way early on Friday for some beauty rituals and some vino. I don't feel guilty. I'm gonna stop "shoulding" on myself. But I'm doing some work because I was online looking up b-day gifts (why do I always procrastinate this stuff? Well, as the Aussies say: "never mind") and then I got sucked into doing some blogging. See what you do to me? It's only because I love you. Really. Don't worry if I don't know you. It's a unique relationship. You know you love me. XOXO (most of you won't get that but it's making me laugh...I swear I wouldn't try to kiss most of you but I might hug you :))

So then, I got sucked into answering mail because I was in meetings most all of last week and I got a bunch of those things in my inbox that I just needed to forward or spend a couple minutes on then I could file or delete and I didn't have the couple minutes for them last week but I do right now. Especially with the TV not on. I'm rationalizing. I'll stop that. I just love those periods of time where you can really burn through e-mail. There's some psychological component and I am not sure what it is (has something to do with focus and isn't everything about chemicals in your brain?) because it doesn't work that way all the time. I think I just have these moments of intense productivity.

So I just had one of those. And my scroll bar has again disappeared (don't you dare send me e-mail right now just to get the scroll bar back...I am about 5 mails away from it returning). And I have a ton to do next week (my job is changing again for the next fiscal year-starting July-and I am super excited....wait 'til you hear how cool my stuff is for next year). So I want to get ahead of the mail gremlin.

If you send me something, make it something funny so I can laugh and then delete it.