I'm a sucker for focus groups. I remember once when I was in college, they did a market research group on campus for California Slim (remember that? It's a diet drink). I think I got $75 dollars for that one which was the same amount I had each month to live on so it felt like a big payday.

Truth is, I'd almost do these things for free.I have an opinion on everything. All you have to do is ask; well, sometimes you don't even have to do that. If it's for a product I use, I feel like I can help improve the product and have a better experience with it so why not?

So last week, I got a call for one that was for $75. And that price didn't exactly motivate me to put make-up on and leave the house. I should have been more motivated. That's a tank of gas. But today I got a call for one that is $125. That's a massage. So I am totally doing it.