This Saturday morning, I hopped on my scooter and went to the Redmond Farmers' Market. It's small but you can always find something there that you want. In fact, one of the things I like about farmers' markets is the unpredictability. I have a memory like a colander. I can never recall what is in season. I go down to the market not knowing what I am going to find. The adventure then is to figure out what to do with it. I love flexing some culinary muscle. I didn't really have to flex that much this time, I found some beautiful asparagus, which always gets roasted with olive oil in my house, and some beautiful flowers. But I really love the idea of buying local; supporting the local economy, having foods that were just picked, and not worrying about the path my food took from a farm in Chile to Redmond, Washington, USA.

This summer, I think the farmers' market thing is going to be my regular Saturday morning routine. I'll let you know what other good stuff I find because most of it looks good enough for a picture.