My mom and I are betting on when Hillary announces her withdrawal from the race for the democratic nomination. Can I just tell you how weird it is that my mother and I are voting for the same person? The only other time that happened was when I was 17. I wasn't very politically aware, but was excited about the idea of voting (what an idiot), so I voted for the person my mom told me to vote for. A lot has changed since then. A LOT.

Anyway, watching the Dem nomination race unfold, and listening to the "experts", the only question that appears to remain for most is when Hillary withdraws from the race. Statistically, the race is pretty much already decided. Seems like she is still in it because she can be and because she is relentless (I admire that quality when it's driving toward a result). My feelings about that are political and so I'll just keep them to myself. But I think there's a lot of speculation going on, irrespective of political affiliation, about when Hillary calls it quits (and maybe focuses 4 years down the road).

I think Wednesday is the day.

My mom thinks it's late Tuesday.

I'm sure that the Hillary supporters will not want it to happen and I feel for them. I miss Bill Bradley. Anyway, what do you think? I'm not looking for your political preference (and let's keep it civil....people get fired up about politics). Just looking for an idea of when you think it's going to happen.

It may be the length of the race this year (when was the last time you can recall that they weren't campaigning? I'm pretty sure I was wearing bell bottoms back then) and the ridiculously copious media coverage but I am ready to move onto the elections.