I'm helping out our HR IT team. They are developing our new careers sites (for US and international) and I meet with them every so often to talk about specs. We sat together this morning to talk about search and I mentioned that I had been contacted in the past by blog readers that had issues with our career site. And we agreed that it would be a good idea to solicit feedback directly. Oh yeah, we are all about the feedback here.

 So here is what I am asking you:

1) What issues, if any, have you had on our career site?

2) What, if any, additional content would you be looking for?

3) Are there things that you have seen on other company career sites that you think we should do as well?

4) Are there new technologies or features that we should add that you have not seen on career sites before (for example, the application of RSS technology)

I am encouraging you to complain and say "I wish..." and to be as specific as possible.

Roy told me he will jump on the thread and talk to you guys himself. He may be able to provide some answers to questions and we are hoping to get some good insight into what could make our next rev of the career site better than ever. It's OK if you comment includes the word "suck" (although I will say that ours is better than most). We want to know about it so we can fix it.