OK, so my intro to yoga class last week was really good. I was surprised. I think I mentioned that when I tried it before, my mind was still bopping around all different subjects both important and trivial. And thusly, the recommendation to "breathe deeply....relax" only made me want to punch someone. How un-yoga-like.

So last week's class? I was actually able to focus on myself and what I was doing. No mind racing. No evil thoughts (and by that I mean that most thoughts would be perceived by me as evil since they were gettin' in the way of me and a peaceful mind). OK, I admit that I did think for a moment about how odd it appeared that the instructor was so freaking limber. But I am sure I'll get over that.

So today at lunchtime, I am off to "core yoga". It hurts to think about it. I'm trying a bunch of different kinds out to see what I like. More on that later.We can even discuss the fact that I impulsively went out and bought some new yoga gear. What a dork. Hey, maybe I'll be a present and peaceful dork soon.