Sez whom? I beg to differ. Scratch that, I don't beg. I just disagree.

I've just never bought into the hype around the coolness factor of some of these other companies. Cool to me is that I can work from home, no set hours. Time for the gym during the day. I'm excited to do my job every day and love my manager (who doesn't read this...swear). Free food is cold comfort when you work 80 hour weeks (so is that 20% the math). And the idea of someone playing <insert childhood game adapted for adults using technology and/or larger props> outside my office makes me think about voodoo dolls.

It all may be cool for gen Y. And once we either stop assuming that the workplace revolves around them or they age and get mortgages, gray hair and a more ample waist line, then I think people will have a more realistic view of "cool." No offense to the gen Y folks; it's just that there are "others" out here. Yeah, we are the wrinkly ones with sensible cars (and kick ass wardrobes...or is that just me?).

Cool is in the eye of the beholder +/- any media hype that gets added because it's a slow news day in Silicon Valley. Forget about that second part. I think that's the definition of media fanboyism. It's old, overblown and frankly, it's just not that cool anymore.

The middle aged decider of cool has spoken.:)