Now that my new blog header is up (can you see it now?), it's time to have some fun. The guys over at Pragmatic Marketing have published their book, Tuned In. And yeah, I am mentioned briefly (I'm on page 169-170). I've already heard good things about the book and it seems that they are doing very well on Amazon. Congrats, guys.

Anyway, the fun part. I wanted to do a contest to give away some of the books. So here it is: come up with the new tagline for the top of my blog keeping in mind target audience and value proposition (and that I don't just support marketing anymore but all roles at MS). I'll pick a winner. Graham, my contact over at Pragmatic Marketing will pick a winner and we can do a readers choice winner if there are enough entries. I'll have some extra copies for honroable mention as well.

 Drop your entries into comments below. I'll let you know when I am going to bring the contest to a close.