I've been a little scattered lately but I am starting to feel better. Sleep's been a little better (now I don't have my mid-sleep wake-up session until about 5 AM....almost the time when sane people awaken for the day). Currently, at work, I'm figuring out how to use OneNote to do pretty much everything I need to do. The more I use it, the more I like it. Plus, it saves my budget because I am using a Microsoft product. And it satisfies my 2 major needs: a clean/simple UI and searchability. Anyway, that isn't what I was planning on talking about. I planned on doing a bit of a brain dump on what's been going on here lately.

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. Holy cow. It is amazing what you can talk yourself into buying when you get "double points." My handbag obsession continues. This time: Valentino. It's yummy but won't make its wardrobe debut until closer to fall. And my friend Suzanne even made me feel good about my purchase. Girls shopping day. Shop-rationalize-shop-lunch-buyers remorse-acceptance. That's how we roll.

Did I tell you about Miyeko's book club? My friend's awesome 7 year old learned how to read this year and since reading is such a big part of my life, I decided to recommend a kids book club. So far the only kid is Miyeko but hopefully some of her friends will join in. We read The Nancy Drew Notebooks: The Slumber Party Secret (whee!). And on Saturday afternoon, we went to tea to discuss it. I realized that you really have to come prepared with a list of questions because seven year olds are good at answering, but not so much at keeping the conversation going. I also realized that the British enjoy carbo loading in the afternoon. Good gawd. We BQed afterward. Pretty sure I am done eating for the week.

Speaking of which, I started a running program (again). Remember about 2 years ago when I did that 5K running program (for non-runners)? Well, I am doing a similar program. I found that when I was running lately, I was pushing too hard based on the memory of what I used to be able to do and that was not good. So I dialed it back and started the program. Should be running a 5K again in 2 months. I needed the structure. Unfortunately, my schedule got jacked up and I have to do running and yoga today. But I'll survive. I am sure that there are some healthy people out there that do stuff like this.

I've been spending time nesting and reading (the nesting comes in phases) and now I am thinking that I really need to get out of the house more. Speaking of which...

I got into a conversation about foods that Californians are accustomed to that are hard to come by in Seattle. I miss InNOut Burger and KooKooRoo. I love words that include capital letters right in the middle. And when was the last time I saw a falafel shop in Seattle? Maybe never? So for my Seattle readers: anyone know of a good falafel place? And while we are talking about it, what about Malaysian? My search for Laksa in Seattle will also commence soon.

[Edit: fixed all the typos. Geez, almost wants to make me consider, like, proof-reading]