Was at a meeting in the city today and pleated pants were all over the place. I am dismayed. Mother of pearl, those is some ugly pants. Please tell all of your friends that they are not allowed to wear pleated pants (man or woman, no matter). The lack of fashion acuity is seriously distracting.

 Let me put it this way:

1) If you are carrying a few extra pounds, you aren't kidding anyone with the pleats. They enhance the poundage. It looks like you have a diaper on in the front. And the straining pleats? The pleats are not supposed to open up! Even when pleasts were in style, they weren't suposed to do that. Stop it right now!

2) If you are thin and you are trying to look bulkier, you're not kidding anyone with the pleats. They look balloony. It looks like you have a diaper on in the front. Embrace your thinness, wear some kick ass flat-front trousers and then eat a big meal in front of us. We will all be very jealous.

 What kind of campaign do I have to create? I'm making a facebook group. Please take your old pleated pants, pile them in your yard, pull out a bag of marshamallows and set them on fire. The pants that is.

I know...I'm so shallow when it comes to the fashion stuff but I am just trying to help my fellow man. If I were committing a fashion felony, I would definitely want someone to tell me!

Just say no. Please and thank you.