I took last week to chill-out (as much as is possible for me) and I admit spending a lot of time on the couch including one full day watch a marathon of the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency (don't just....it's a vacation!). I also admit to getting a little obsessive with the label maker. Let's just say that nobody will open my linen closet or look under a bed and have trouble figuring out what's there. Sometimes I annoy myself.

Anyway, back at work and I'm circling the drain a bit. No excuses about the dearth of blogging activity. It's hard to come up with something witty to say when you've got a hundred other things swirling through your brain (like how come you "drive" a car but "ride" a motorcycle?). Also, not blogging during my time off was intentional.

Anyhoo, I am back and thought I would, in the spirit of corporate wonkery, share this site with you. My team is focused on providing competitive intelligence to our dev centers and a big part of most dev centers is R&D (aka MSR or Microsoft Research). So now I have somewhere to send people when they want to learn specifically about those types of opportunities in our global offices.

So more to come now that I am back. Once my head stops spinning for sure.