OK,OK, you probably think I am a slacker. It's been super busy at work, in a good way. My team is getting to know our staffing leaders in our global development centers. There's a cascade of work that happens from there:

-Assessing their needs for leads, research and training

-Developing offerings that meet the needs of multiple development centers

-Creating a project calendar so that we don't over-burden ourselves and allow for time to do proactive, long-term research

-Figuring out how we measure our work (it's not about the numbers on my team) and developing surveys

-Writing SLAs for our work (on the agenda this week)

And you know, after that, we have to actually do the work (which we have already started quietly). Last week, my head was spinning and I was in super-productivity mode. Same goes for this week. And this all left little time for blogging. Oh well.

Another thing that kept me from blogging, believe it or not, has been the coverage of the political conventions. I bet they actually caused a lot of blogging for other people. I've had a very strong personal reaction. I'm straining to keep it to myself. I really don't want to lose readers that feel they can't identify with me because we have differing political beliefs (same goes for religion. Fashion? That's fair game). Holding this in has almost been like a clog in the blog drain. Nothing's getting past it. I'm gonna Drano that sucker out of there and get back to blogging.

I get so caught up in my "other" work, that I forget that blogging is part of my job as well. It doesn't feel like work.

Some blog posts to come: interesting profiles of people at Microsoft (I swear, they are really interesting...I am a tough audience and I liked them) and some info about the development centers we've got humming around the world.