Fall is my favorite season. Only thing bad about it is that winter is coming. If you can remove that thought from your mind and just focus on the yumminess of the season, fall is the best...

...college football, full stop

...stuff starts tasting like pumpkin and eggnog

...you have an excuse to put together a political and blog-inappropriate Halloween costume

...that smell in the air

...the single best food day of the year: Thanksgiving

....the fact that you aren't required to participate in any holiday rituals on Thanksgiving other than eating and sleeping

...your neighborhood gets quiet because the little hoodlums are back in school

...people start leaving on vacation so you can actually get some work done

...you feel justified in making comfort food for dinner and you bring out the red wine

...awesome Halloween decorations that you want to keep up year-round. Loving the orange door

...college football