Cue rim shot. Thank you, thank you.

OK, seriously (we say that a lot in Seattle, evidently). I have been planning to share about this group I am a part of but I didn't really know how to talk about it here. But I think the time is right and really, I can let the leaders do most the talking. I'll just tell you about my experience.

If you haven't picked up on it lately, I am personal growth mode. Oh, it  happens to the best of us. Like I've said, people should just be happy that my midlife crisis didn't involve a red car and a cabana boy. I've really started to think about how I am managing my life; my priorities, the choices I make, behaviors that have been driven by past experiences. You really can't do that kind of thinking without making some important changes. About six months ago, I heard myself giving guidance to someone I was close to around figuring out what was driving negative feelings and actions. Hello, hypocrite! It wasn't until a month later that I realized that I probably needed this advice as much as the other person. Frankly, we all need it to varying degrees. Not to over-share, but I'm really at a point where I can truly "see" what is going on (and where it comes from). It's a bit of a relief. Emotional baggage isn't the nifty kind with wheels.

I have been really attracted lately to the concept of synchronicity. I found that I was getting the same messages from multiple sources exactly when I needed to hear them. No force causing these, no coincidences; just the universe telling you: "girlfriend, you need this and right now!" Instead of analyzing the messenger (where did THIS come from?), I have been focusing on the message (or actually, The Message for you old school rap fans; it kind of works here).

One of the sources of my life epiphanies has been a group I have been involved in, run by two phsych PhDs, called Pathwise. It was recommended to me by a co-worker who really connected with the concepts and thought I would too. As they said on the Little Rascals "and how!" The Pathwise concepts bring psychotherapy dynamics into the workplace setting. It helps people understand the people dynamics at work and utilize psychotherapy concepts to get the best out of people (and the best out of yourself). Chad Hattrup and Todd Hollow-Bist are the founders of Pathwise Management and I recently conducted a blog interview with Chad that I have posted here. In it, Chad describes the work that Pathwise does with it's members. Good stuff!

Also, my friend Peter Clayton, from Total Picture Radio, did a podcast interview with Chad. The conversation is teed up with talk of how the current economic situation is impacting peoples behaviors. He then talks about the Pathwise concepts in more detail. It's required reading for anyone who wants to find deeper answers to "what's going on here?" (see how this fits into my personal growth stuff? Like I said, there are no coincidences!). It's also a good primer on how not to freak out because of what you are hearing on the news.