I'm trying to cut down on the paper that gets delivered to my house (Free Sunday Seattle Times? No, thanks). I think I already blogged about CatalogChoice, which has greatly reduced the number of catalogs I receive (though Victoria's Secret is relentless!). 2 More things I want to share to help you get rid of stuff that gets delivered:

Yellow Pages Goes Green - remove yourself from the lists of the yellow and white pages distributors in your area.

ProQuo - This one is really cool. It lets you manage your removal requests. You can stop receiving coupon packs and credit card offers, remove yourself from marketing lists (and brokers) as well as directories (like online yellow pages types). You can also add yourself to the "Do Not Call Register". In situations where you can be removed electronically, the site does it for you. In cases where you have to write a letter, it basically writes the letter so all you have to do is print and send. I'm so sick of shredding credit card offers. I can't wait until this kicks in.

Pretty excited to have found these!