OK, ok. I am a sucky blogger. I guess I have been pre-occupied. The reign of the month-long hacking cough is coming to an end. I braved the third world waiting room (no offense to the third world) of the urgent care office to get some meds. When I told the doctor I'd had it for a month, he asked me if I had seen a doctor. Hmmm, isn't that what I am doing now? Anyway, got some medication to kill whatever it is and ease the suffering. The guy at the QFC pharmacy knows me by name (I sh*t you not). When I feel like crap, I definitely don't feel like blogging. It falls into the work category called "extra" and the personal category called "extra". The same category that changing out of my  pajamas sometimes falls into.

Being home sick and working from home anyways has really changed Jonas' behavior. You know how when you are sick, you only poke your head out of the hole for food and meds? Well, those few times that I did, Jonas took it upon himself to take a nice relaxing leak in front of the living room window. He also skillfully sprayed the curtains. His talents know no end. You know how I smell everything? Imagine how much the urine smell bothered me. Curtains go into the washer, despite the "Dry Clean Only" label.

Then the compulsive licking started (much of it at night and I can hear him in the other room) and he is torturing his poor little paw that got all raw and puffy. I cleaned up the pee and took him to the vet. Poor little baby has anxiety. He's on antidepressants now. He's still licking a little but I swear I saw a brief glimpse of recognition when I told him the cone was next. I'm working with our ergo department to get a light box for at home (for me). Maybe Jonas needs a little time in front of the box.  

Now that I am getting over feeling like a veal, I will be blogging more.