I'm super sick of going to the doctor. My sinus issues are going on week 6, I think? Done the antibiotics, multiple boxes of Tylenol Sinus, cough syrup, Nasonex. I think they call this chronic sinusitis (that's my best guess). I looked on Web MD and I am guessing that it's not Tuberculosis. I bet people go on Web MD and really freak themselves out. I assume that I don't have anything to worry about until I do. And since I have flushed out my sinuses repeatedly with my neti pot (don't worry, I won't share details) and they are still painful, I'm thinking that some of them are swollen shut. Or something. I can hear them pop from time to time. Fun! One doctor has looked up there and "didn't see anything". My issue is stealth. And it's not stay-at-home sick. It's just a cough that persists and sinus pain that never goes away. You know, the kind that makes me no fun to hang around.  And I woke up with a painful gland in my neck today (my reaction: are you freaking kidding me?). I'm just really hoping that today is the day we figure out what is going on. Because I am annoyed. And I am using the hell out of my benefits (which I am so thankful for right about now....no co-pay!).

I'll let you guys know if we find out what it is or if we can just generally expect my head to fall off. Just in time for Halloween!