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November, 2008

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    OK, this is how I want to do Thanksgiving every year

    So I politely declined some plans for turkey day because 1) I didn't feel like traveling and 2) while I can handle 6 kids buck wild on sugar, I need a quicker escape than a trip back from Kent. And also, it just seems like it's too much of many things...
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    Admit it:

    you have done this . I have recently. But only in the lead-up to a doctors appointment. And I apologized as soon as I was there, right before I said "oh good, it's not tuberculosis." I should never have read Angela's Ashes. Attention cyberchondriacs...
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    I hope that some day, we look back on this time hope that we never hear the word "bailout" (or is it/are it 2 words?). Much like I feel about "web 2.0"....well felt about it a few years ago before it kind of became it's own joke. It is said with irony...
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    In the spirit of appreciating the poor turkeys that are giving their lives

    I am going to try the blood donation again today. No antibiotics this time (not that they did me any good). If anything gets me this time, it will be that I haven't been all too interested in high-iron foods lately. I had to actually write a sticky note...
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    Half an hour every day makes Heather a shiny girl.

    The blog post I had hoped I would write someday. Every day now, I am spending a half hour in front of the light box. I'm not sure if it specifically is working or if it was the detox or some other stuff I am doing (gotta say that the detox was most...
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    Black Friday and Cyber Monday...

    sound bad but are totally good (and somewhat inconsequential for me because I am basically done with my Christmas shoppping...I know; don't hate me). Anyhoo, you can preview deals on these web sites: gottadeal...
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    Sometimes, when you work from home...

    you get stuck on this decision: is this work-related or personal? My work stuff ends up on my desk and my personal stuff ends up on my desk. No right or wrong. It just is. My work "to do" list sits on top of a flyer for a green cleaning service, which...
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    OK, that was nuts

    I don't think I have ever been sick for 2 months before. I had mono in high school and still went to my prom. As I've mentioned, I am one of those people that figures if I can stand and walk, then I can go do stuff, including work, including prom. And...
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    Song lyrics I heard today

    You know how there's a line in every song that sticks with you? Well, I have one for every song in my playlist... I ain't freakin', I ain't fakin' this. Shut up and let me go....hay! Take my hand and we'll jump out the window. When I'm...
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    Further efforts in pursuit of a cure for crazy

    You probably know that sunlight is medically necessary. There's the whole vitamin D thing, but there's other stuff too. I think that sunlight promotes the growth of sanity. Oh, someone is going to link to an article about this, I am sure. In normal Heather...
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    The appliest place on earth

    I never used to get the "apple" thing here. What's the big deal; they're just apples. And you have to cut them up to eat them or they just drip down your hands and make you all sticky and messy. I remember how weird I used to think a girl in my sorority...
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    My comfort zone definitely does not include mayonnaise

    But it's good to get out of your comfort zone now and then. My friend Dave is one of the founders of J&D's Bacon Salt (which would have made it onto my good stuff list if I weren't talking about them here now), financed by America's Funniest Home...
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