I never used to get the "apple" thing here. What's the big deal; they're just apples. And you have to cut them up to eat them or they just drip down your hands and make you all sticky and messy. I remember how weird I used to think a girl in my sorority was because she had her parents send her apples from Seattle. Now I totally get it. Because those things they call "apples" at your store, those are just the ones that aren't good enough for Seattle. I am sorry that it has to be this way. It's really not very fair to you.

I've finally, really gotten into apples, especially at this time of year. I can't wait to go into Whole Foods and buy me a big bag and eat them all myself. Incidentally, I am going to have to have the granny smith tree in my front yard taken out soon. It's not doing well. But I really didn't eat those ones anyway. My favorite apples are called honeycrisp and they are kind of expensive but they are totally worth it. And I just ate one. And actually, you can find them in Minnesota and Wisconsin, I am sure. But I tend to think the ones in Seattle are better :) Seriously, for anyones who likes stuff made with apples but never got into eating them rawy, you should give these a try.

I feel like such a Seattle-ite getting into the apples now. But I am still going to complain about the early darkness and peoples' inability to merge into traffic.