I don't think I have ever been sick for 2 months before. I had mono in high school and still went to my prom. As I've mentioned, I am one of those people that figures if I can stand and walk, then I can go do stuff, including work, including prom. And perhaps that is why this virus has lingered for so long. So last week, I decided to take Thursday and Friday off to take care of myself. I scheduled a massage on Thursday. The theme of the day, in my mind, was getting the bad stuff out. SO I spent some time in the sauna, sweating. Then I told my masseuse that I had been sick for two months, had swollen lymph glands in my neck and wanted to release the toxins from my body. Careful what you ask for. Or at least be prepared for what you asked for. She did what I asked her to do. And I was down for the count. It was violent.

The rest of Thursday was fine, even part of Friday. Then I basically had 4 days of what felt like a really bad hangover; not the headache kind, the barfy kind. And a greasy burger was not going to help.  Like the thought of food made me dry heave and standing up made me dry heave. I even had a hard time drinking water because the sensation of anything in my stomach made me barfy too.

But I gotta tell you that after all of that, whatever I had for those 2 months seems to be gone. And I probably should have been doing detox massages all along so I didn't have such a violent reaction this time. And I should have drank more water, before and after the massage. And I definitely should not have sat in the sauna for 30 minutes before-hand. But what I am feeling now is relief. I was starting to get scared there for a bit. The doctor said to let it run it's course but 2 months seemed like such a long time to be miserable.The only thing I had any kind of success with was an immunity booster I bought at whole foods; some improvement, but I wanted to wipe this thing out.

What I learned is that despite my clean-living lifestyle, you have to detox occasionally. You have to prepare so that when you get the gunk out of your system, it doesn't lay you out for the better part of a week. And that I should always, ALWAYS, keep gatorade in the house, just in case.