We sure had some fun with the top 5 rockingest songs ever....and I mean ever; except that some of those songs totally didn't rock and I think you knew who you were even before you posted them. It's OK, "to each his own" comes to mind here. Not everyone has to rock. Not everyone can. Frankly, it's a responsibility and people get caught up in your whirlwind. One must be careful. It's kind of like inadvertent hypnosis. But I digress.

Next up, so we don't fall down the music rabbit hole, are the foods that other people like that you just.don't.get. So first off, let me tell you that I am making my peace with pork. Oh why didn't I make that my blog header? I still haven't quite accepted ham as a food, but I have moved bacon from my gross/gross category to my good/gross category. I can eat foods with bacon in them, and am working toward that glorious day when I can actually eat a piece of bacon. Like one just sitting on a plate there.  That's progress!

So here is what I am looking for: foods that pretty much everyone else likes but that you just can't stand. Like, maybe you even have a hard time watching other people eat it because it reminds you of that one time that you accidentally put it in your mouth and then you were pretty sure you were going to have to spit it out but some authority figure was present and you had a cloth napkin and then someone asked you a question and so you had to actually eat said vile food product.

Is that enough of a set-up for you? Have at it, my friends.