So the "hunkering down" is really starting to get to me. To the point that calling one of my ex-boyfriends sounds like a good idea. No booze required. Working from home is one thing. Not having a conversation of any length about anything than work for days on end, well that is quite another thing. Grr.

So let me make something clear about this hunkering activity, lest any of you think I am behaving like a "local". There are some very good reasons why a Midwestern transplant with 4 wheel drive would not be leaving the house right now. But I'll just give you the biggies. The implication that I am being a wimp does not sit well with me.

I'm interested in blogging about the specifics of where exactly I live about as little as is possible. I don't really share this much, but there is some creepiness that goes along with being an obviously single female blogger. Since reading my blog does not require an IQ test or a criminal background check, let's just say that there are some things that won't be discussed here. But I will tell you this: I live on a very steep hill. My anti-traction system on my car engages when I am heading down the hill when it is simply rainy outside. The addition of cold/ice/snow complicated things considerably.

We don't have many snow plows here. Our investment in plows and such, as well as our tolerance for simple minerals like salt, have not kept up with the significant increase in global warming effects (which I am sure I am just imagining since global warming doesn't exist). I know the salt/global warming thing is a little counter-intuitive. But when do we decide that cars careening into each other is an "emergency situation"? I don't live in the country. In fact, I could walk to work if I wanted to. But it's entirely likely that my street will not get plowed this winter. Not at all. And beneath the snow, which is actually quite beautiful, is a sheet of ice. So considering that it is impossible for me to see the conditions of the hill, the roads around my house and what is going on beyond that, it would be a little ridiculous to venture out.

Also, although many of us are transplants here, there are enough natives that don't know how to drive in this weather (or that they shouldn't even try) to mess it up for the rest of us (I am not implying that this is all natives, by the way). And the news reports this. Cars abandoned in the middle of roads. Articulated buses (which really need to be re-named "bendy buses" por favor) jack-knifed on roads and on-ramps (my on-ramp is closed using crime scene tape...whee!). My point is that even if *you* can drive, there are obstructions as well as moving vehicle objects that will surely be coming your way. I hate the sound of quarter-panels crunching.

I guess I don't want to hear it from my fellow Midwesterners who have never dealt with a storm like this without the service of snow plows. Ya just don't know. Anyway, I didn't want to get labeled a sissy-pants. It's just not worth it to leave the house (an opinion that was confirmed on my way to the mailbox when I had to walk through several inches of snow in the street because the sidewalk was too icy). My guess is that on Sunday, I am going to make a break for it. In the meantime, here I am. Exploring the human psyche when confronted with a lack of non-work-related mental stimulation.

Given that the flow of mail at work is a little quieter than normal, and that I don't want to start any big projects before the holiday, I'm thinking about the things I have been meaning to do but just haven't had time. One of those things is cleaning out my blog roll. Every now and then I get an email from someone telling me that a link is broken (which I appreciate) but then I have to admit to myself, that I don't actually use my blog roll. And it's resemblance to the list of blogs I actually read is seriously limited. And because I am getting all stir crazy and nuts, instead of reviewing and updating my blog roll, I did away with it. Ahh, that lovely white space on my blog looks a little like my driveway right now.

It wasn't that hard to talk myself into it. First of all, I neither want to nor actually do spend any time managing my blog roll. In fact, aside from the actual writing of blog posts and reviewing and responding to of comments, I really don't spend much time here at all. There are much more conscientious bloggers out there. It's just that I have a day job that is usually quite busy. I don't want to spend a bunch of personal time tending to my work blog (let's hear it for a little work-life's OK to say no to extraneous/pointless work!). So streamlining makes that less of a necessity.

Second, I haven't supported marketing for a while now. I know I launched this blog when I was recruiting for marketing but there's no longer a need to track a bunch of marketing blogs.I still read some business stuff but I just don't want to go that deep into the marketing stuff. More power to the marketing bloggers out there.

Third, the requests for link swaps has me all wore out. Aside from the fact that I don't find folks requesting link swaps all that savvy (or bright; let's default to the savvy for the sake of optimism), I just find it annoying. If their links were as valuable as mine, perhaps they wouldn't have to ask (I don't have a big head about this stuff, I just find that the people that do this should spend more time creating interesting content and less time trying to rig the system). So someone I don't know wants my traffic. Write something interesting and I am sure I will see it. Ask me for a "link swap" and the answer is no. It is always no. So why even bother having links to other blogs? There's nothing to bargain for, my friends. The product you are seeking no longer exists. I can't even imagine requesting a link swap.

OK, the third thing will get a couple of bloggers up in arms but hear me out. I don't see a lot of interesting things going on on the recruiting blogs that I want to link to here. When you consider that most recruiting bloggers are 1) blogging to an audience of recruiters and 2) generally talk about recruiting process and tools and considering that my target audience is not recruiters, I don't really want to link to other recruiting bloggers. It's simply a matter of different audiences. My target readers want career advice, not applicant tracking systems. Anyhoo, no more recruiting blog links here. Sorry, recruiting bloggers.

And I think that about covers it. So on my snow day, when I am looking for a purge project, the blog roll gets it. Violently.

PS: If you really want to see what I read, I am on bloglines and I believe my profile is public. But don't be surprised that I read a lot of blogs focused on entertainment and design. Because I'm not just a professional blogger, I am a blog-reader.