Weather casters (???) here predicted howling winds and power outages here last night. We didn't get the power outages but we did get the wind and swirling snow and a nice crunchy coat of ice on top of it all. I'm relieved to have electricity today (and/or a little ticked that the news people like to toy with us like that).  I just turned my TV off. They predicted this weather through the end of the year (even worse, with temps melting snow in the day and then re-freezing at night). I'm just keeping in mind that they are regularly wrong. Routinely. Habitually.

Anyhoo, this is my chance to get done those things I have been putting off. The stacks of books unread, the personal blog that is still waiting to be built, the unopened yoga DVD. The hazardous conditions involved in actually getting to the Home Depot keep me from really doing any "projects" as does the fact that my house cleaners pretty much cleaned the place from top to bottom. I can't even invent any projects. Forced relaxation. Let's see how that goes.  It feels weird to have all this time without some BS projects to fill it. Well, I still have to work tomorrow, but after that, I am oof. With nothing that "has" to get done and very little that I "should" get done. What is this strange sensation?

So I am going to embark on my skin rituals because really, nobody is going to see me. And I am going to make Cait's Thai Curry Chicken recipe (thanks Cait!). And I am going to read my butt off. Don't think someone can read their butt off? Just watch me. I am going to figure out how to use my camera. I'm going to write blog posts about something other than what is going through my mind this very second. I'm going to finish the scarf for the 8 year old and maybe start another. Because auntie Heather said she would finish the scarf for Christmas and Auntie Heather is going to finish that sad little scarf for Christmas.

And if I am still stuck here, I am going to pop that bottle of Veuve on my birthday, Friday (officially celebrating it in January), because this is a big one, kids. And if I don't deserve to be snowbound, I at least deserve to be drunk. Drunky drunk. Log off of the computer and unplug the phone drunk. And my skin will look great.