I am not the first to marvel and the skills of Chesley B. Sullenberger (who graciously goes by "Sully", because look at all those syllables!), Jeffrey Skiles and their crew. We needed some awesomeness on the news and there it was. Just amazing. And well-timed.

Sully is the perfect modern icon with the name and the picture and the fascinating background. It's no wonder New York City wants to throw this guy a ticker tape parade. I want to offer to wash his car. And name my nonexistent children after him. Bake him a cake. I wonder if Jeffrey Skiles will draw as much attention. I hope so! Because for that landing to go down that way, there had to be abundant excellence all around.

Anyhoo, I can't help but be fascinated by the fact that there's a fan page for Sully on Facebook already (which, truth be told, I just joined). What does this say about celebrity? I think it says that it can be doled out where credit is due and we can all feel like we can stand in it's aura (or some such). And it can allow us, when the bad news swirls like a dust storm, to find something to celebrate. We can celebrate the awesomeness among us.

On a job-related note, what do you think about the use of FB fan clubs to simply celebrate a "job well done"....you know, for those among us whose jobs don't involve saving 155 peoples' lives?