Ever been talking to someone and a magnificent joke pops into their head? They totally have the punchline down. But then they mangle the joke, or forget it, or give up, or the worst....they rewind partway through the telling? You know what I am talking about, right? You can see the wheels turning and you can see that moment when they realize that this is not going to end well. A couple of you have seen me do this, I am sorry to say. And then I have to admit that it all sounded so much better in my head. Sigh. This is the case of the clumsy joker.

Or the case of the convertible punchline (which I also totally do) when you only know the punchline. Not sure if there was a joke, if you ever heard it. And you try to find every opportunity to use it (which I tend to think is hilarious because it crosses my mind at the oddest of times). This is all very funny unless your punchline is "winner, winner, chicken dinner" (does that count as a "punchline"? I don't know where it comes from), which annoys the crap out of people at the blackjack table in Vegas. And by people I mean me.

So keep it clean, but what is your favorite punchline? Don't tell your own joke, just the punchline. Maybe the rest of us can have some fun making up our own jokes to go with your punchline. Did I mention to keep it clean? Yeah.

I'll go first. Slow night here at Casa Hamilton.