Argghhh, I have been proud of the fact that I have not recently spent time documenting my reaction to reality TV here. But now I can't help it because I am POed. Yeah, reality TV made me feel something other than superior. Oh, don't act so surprised. It's why we all watch it in the first place. I am just being honest.

Did you watch The Bachelor, and more importantly "After the Final Rose" last night? Where "nice guy" Jason Mesnick pulls out the a/h card? Let me preface this rant by explaining that this is exactly the type of guy I date. "Jason Mesnick" is the answer to why I am still single. The narcissist inside with a crunchy coating of "nice guy" on the outside. Ew.

For those that haven't watched the show, this guy dated a bunch of girls, and when he got down to 2, he had to pick one. Much crying and face-making ensued. For the cameras. OK, maybe this isn't the type of guy I date. Anyhoo, he had 2 great gals to pick from. And he does...pick one, I mean. And then he gets to the after show, 6 weeks later, and tells her that the "chemistry changed". On TV. They didn't have a studio audience because it was the most shocking evar! Evar! You hear me? So never you mind about the millions of people watching this. At least they didn't have a studio audience.

When he totally could have totally broken up with her before the show, he waits to do it on TV. And he says that he has to follow his heart. And his heart tells him to wait 2 commercial breaks and then pick up where things left off with the other babe. Look, I get breaking up with someone because you just aren't feeling it anymore. Oh, do I so get that part. But to do it on national TV and then jump into the arms of another gal. What a jerk.

Anyway, there's a broader rant here.That was just the lead-up. Because I think I have nailed what is going on here. The 80s were the "me generation". And I think we had a cooling of period in the 90s.  Now there's a new archetype: where we think about the greater good, the environment, etcetera. The problem is that some of the people that were raised in the "me generation" didn't shake it off so easy. It became part of them. Then we get to the current times where it's really uncool to so obviously be a self-involved jerk. There's some dueling elements to our psyches. Do I want to be a jerk or do I want to do good? The answer is yes. Kind of. Some people will use their new millenium talking points to justify their bad behavior; they get the best of both worlds. I am talking to you, Jason Mesnick. Do I have a problem with him breaking up with Melissa because he's not feeling the love? No. But to do it on TV in such a manner and then call it "following my heart"? Dude, we are totally on to you. Call it what you want to call it, but you are still self-involved. Gee, I think I am going to start to act like a total a/h and call it "following my heart". And nobody gets to call me on it. Because I am just "following my heart". You have to be true to yourself and just "follow your heart". You know, in the most hurtful way on national TV. I'll just call it "following my heart."

He's not even that cute. His kid is going to need a ton of therapy. And I am totally grossed out that "reality TV" made me feel something.