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Exploring the fine line between clever and stupid. Heather Hamilton is a Staffing Manager and Microsoft Employee Evangelist.

April, 2009

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    Tastes like chicken...

    Wait. No, no, that's not chicken. This may be the most vile thing I have seen on TV (I mean, other than American Idol). One one hand, there's getting peoples' attention. On the other, there's not understanding the difference between a rat and...
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    Flying to Vegas...with a beat

    This guy rocks. I admit that I hate to fly but love to travel. So I really appreciate someone making it a little more fun. Given that he's based out of Seattle, a certain aunt of mine should consider this a reminder that another Vegas trip...
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    Apparent spontaneous awesomeness

    First of all, I have heard that Belgium was awesome, but who knew it was *this* awesome! I hope this happens to me someday. Way better than the Mariners grounds crew.
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    I'm pretty sure I am in love with the person that came up with the idea for this commercial

    Oh, Burger King. Why do I spend so much time thinking about you? I haven't set foot in a Burger King in many years, but their marketing team! That is who I truly love. I'm sure they would love me back if I had a gaggle of kids. Or if I was a doughy twenty...
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    I've given up hope of trusting my network

    I had hoped that LinkedIn would actually be a trusted network of friends and associates. I think they still advertise it as just that. I am revising my opinion. I still want a trusted network, but given the following facts: 1) I know the people I trust...
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    Have a nice, media-free day!

    I usually forget the April Fools Day is coming until it is actually here. So when my former manager pinged me this morning to let me know that some of my mid-year stuff was not locked down (even though it was due yesterday), realizing that it was indeed...
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