I had hoped that LinkedIn would actually be a trusted network of friends and associates. I think they still advertise it as just that. I am revising my opinion. I still want a trusted network, but given the following facts:

1) I know the people I trust so if I need a trust-worthy opinion, I can contact them directly. I know how to reach them.

2) Many of these people have other people in their networks that they don't know. And by leveraging those people's networks, the chain of trust is broken.


3) I still value being able to reach people that I don't know enough to trust...

I am now officially an open networker on LinkedIn. So my opinion on LinkedIn not being a trusted network still stands, but I am not going to count on it to be that any more. 

I'll be changing my profile to show that I am an open networker. And I am partly telling you this so you can connect with me on LinkedIn if you want to. And partly because I don't want someone seeing my profile on LinkedIn and totally calling me on what I said about it before. I'm being pre-emptive. And I'm saying that if you have stuck around here long enough to read all this stuff that I write, you will surely be rewarded to the full access of my network, up to three degrees, if you so wish. Amen.