Oh, Burger King. Why do I spend so much time thinking about you? I haven't set foot in a Burger King in many years, but their marketing team! That is who I truly love. I'm sure they would love me back if I had a gaggle of kids. Or if I was a doughy twenty-something guy who didn't know how to cook. Alas, I am neither of those things. I will have to love them from afar.


Seems this new commercial of theirs is getting a lot of attention. People either love it or hate it. But even the haters are generating more attention for it. That is viral gold. If you go viral, you have to not be afraid of alienating some people. Look, I am sure that a bunch of you hate this ad because you think it's too racy for your kids. Have you ever actually watched Spongebob? Maybe you should. He is a bit of a dirty birdy himself, I am told. The key is that the kids don't get the adult parts. Just like all the cartoon movies that do the same thing; they want the parents to be drawn to the movie too.

Honestly, based on some of the comments I've read about this commercial, I'm wondering if people just want something to get mad about. Is this just the minority? I don't have kids so conversations about this type of thing don't come up much. I'm speechless (hah, as if!). Anyway, to the outraged people...sorry, I have to unload. <soapbox> If people want Mayberry, they should start by getting rid of cable. Otherwise, you might have to actually have "uncomfortable conversations." When I was about 6, I asked what "the birds and the bees" meant because I heard the phrase on The Partridge Family (not coincidentally, it was Danny that used it). And the answer I got was overkill. Let's just call it that. But I am not traumatized. It's not like it wasn't something I was going to need to know about in life. Seriously, it was all any of the kids could talk about in junior high. Anyway, I am so totally seeing why so many people buy anti-bacterial hand gel, which I don't understand (Woohoo! Now the funk on your hands is clean funk. Go wash your hands fool!). I'm not saying you should lick the arm rest on an airplane seat. But a little bacteria is good for you, people! I'm not saying that we should expose kids to everything. But a Burger King Commercial? About square butts? In the words of my 4 year old neighbor "Guys, seriously?". Don't ruin the fun for the rest of us. </soapbox>

So I still think that the King is a little creepy with his tiny, femme-hands and shiny head. But now he is the kind of person I would like to hang out with at a party. OK, so he got his turntable skills at a needlepoint convention ("not that there's anything wrong with that"). His previous advertisements weren't intended to appeal to me. But this one? I like irony. And that song came out during my glorious, drunken college days. And my butt seems to be getting a little squarer every day. Yours? OK, I kid.

I don't have to go out on a limb to predict that BKs ad team was targeting the commercials to the people that actually make the purchasing decisions (many of whom are a lot like me, except with kids). The kids already love Spongebob. Now mom and dad are singing something about phone book implants. So you have a campaign that appeals to the whole family. And it's spreading virally? And it includes a song that you can't get out of your head? Advertising awesomeness.

"Spongebob, I wanna get witcha, cause you're making me richa"