I have a stack of magazines about an inch thick; unread. The stack is starting to slide to the left. I love magazines but have not been finding the time lately. I wanted to remind myself how much I love them (and why) and start to whittle that stack down.

I was working my way Through O Magazine last night. That magazine will frequently take a couple sittings to get through because there is good stuff in there. It speaks to me more than her show does and has less of that "John Travoltaaaaaaaaaa" vibe. So I am still trying to teach myself how to relax. To be OK with being still (oh, that's why the magazine stack was doing that). And I still have that thing where all the bad news is getting to me. I start to get anxiety about the what-ifs. This is classic Heather. The what-if freak my sh*t out. It's some kind of obsessive-compulsive thing. It's not about controlling other people, it's about controlling your circumstances. And that is becoming harder and harder to do.

The hardest part of it for me lately has been reclaiming my brain power; telling that monkey in my head to go back where he came from. Some invisible tank of the most annoying monkeys you can imagine sent to drive people like me nuts. What if I lose my job? What if the stock market tanks long-term? What if I don't have enough money to retire. Today I came home from an awesome body scrub and massage and all that stuff was running through my head. Sux!

Then I started to think about abundance. How in times of abundance (and yes, it's still that time for most of us), many of us are pushed into a just-in-case mentality. We have all we need now, but since that's taken care of, we should worry about the worst case scenario...just in case. Oh man, this is totally me. I live for mitigating the worst case scenario. Frankly, it's come in handy when my anxiety was deep and the situation seemed out of control. But it's certainly no way to live a happy life. Anyway, this article I read in O Magazine struck exactly the right chord with me. I'm going to try to switch my thinking to just-in-time buy appreciating the abundance around me and remembering all the times where what I need is provided at exactly the right time. Kind of like this article.

I hope it helps some of you too.