I can't believe they have gone there. Or rather here.

Gee, I want a light computer that I can carry in a pretty bag. And I want to meet with my friends and we can all bring our fruity-colored laptops and look at Jessica Simpson's fat picture. Whee!  And I need a "life organizer" because..oh wait, what was I just saying? I forget. And I want fashion advice from the people that make my pretty mini computer. This is really beyond the pale.

Seriously, I cannot believe that I am seeing this. Hey Dell, how about acknowledging the diversity of you customer base on your site. Because this fluffy, dumbed-down interpretation of what you think women want makes me sick to my tea drinkin', yoga stretchin' stomach. This is what you think women want? Oh, I am about to get angry right now. I can't be funny right now. I am cheesed off.

Over and out.