OK, OK. I know I haven't been showing my face much around here. Super busy and totally into what I am working on. If I told you what it is, I'd have to kill you; which I am OK with but I don't know where you live :) <cue rim shot>

And maybe I am just a tiny bit distracted by the weather. I guess that if we are all going to die from global warming, we should enjoy our descent into obliteration. Is it OK to enjoy it if you truly have been working on your footprint? Probably not. Because I was all nuts and berries when I was younger and now I am a responsible, grown up homeowner who does care very much how her lawn looks. My internal dialog on this topic is messy. You would not want to be in my head. and that's not really what I am writing this post about.

I am involved in a training cohort and we have really long, fascinating discussions about things related to psychology and life. Last week we talked about synchronicity (which was cool because that article on "just in time" versus "just in case" was still bobbing about in my noggin and it kind of fit right in here). Because synchronicity rules in the JIT lifestyle and I want to live in that happy world with 85% less anxiety. Seriously, it says that on the label.

Have you ever noticed those moments when the thing that you really needed to happen happens with absolutely no prompting by you? For example, I am planning my friends birthday celebration from girls mani/pedi for 8 to a nice dinner out. And we are barbecuing tonight on top of it all so the littles can join the celebration for their mom and I absolutely need to make cupcakes. And while my friend is used to and really OK with the cake stuff that comes out of the box, that is not how auntie Heather rolls. And my schedule today was all nutty and let me just add that I have been not so good at planing my time lately. And like magic, the two appointments I had this morning were rescheduled at the request of the other party and magically, my cupcake time creates itself. I did nothing and when I needed that time, there it was. The theory is that when this kind of thing happens more times than coincidence would allow for, there's something else there. And we discussed whether it is possible to create an environment where synchronous events are more likely to occur. and if you can, what those environmental factors are. Because I am thinking that a petri dish full of that auger (sp?) stuff sitting in a warm room won't work. I can't get ahold of the synchronicity juju to put it in the dish. Slippery sucker.

As with many other things, I don't need to know how it works, just what the inputs are. I am a master compartmentalizer and have totally skipped the angst about evolution versus creation, both of which need explanation. And how our molecules came to be and how you get something from nothingness. Yeah, that stuff is just not important to me. All that is important is "Here, I am. Let's make the best of it!"

So I am trying to analyze what has been causing my synchronicity lately. And all I can come up with is that I am open to it, which really defies explanation. And I don't care, because right now, all that matters is workin' it and I am totally open to  the possibilities.

Yoohoo! Synchronicity! <waves> Here I am! You were looking for me, right?

Oh don't worry. There's a limitless supply, so you can get yours too.