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June, 2009

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    Mourning and compartmentalization (AKA life and how to live it)

    I didn't intend to get up on a day I am taking off from work, and write on the subject of death. But my monkey mind is spinning around some things I find curious and if I am going to relax today, I need to let my brain have it's way with them and then...
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    The secret ingredient in Pepsi is happy. Shhhh.

    I flew into Dallas on Tuesday and yesterday gave a presentation at PepsiCo's Talent Acquisition Meeting. It was one of those presentations where I've been talking for 5 minutes and then I get the signal that I only have 5 minutes left and I have no idea...
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    Sometimes fear is good, especially when it's on the other guy

    I really try not to be a Microsoft wonk. I try! Regular readers can attest to the fact that I am pretty product-agnostic up in here. This blog is certainly not a vehicle to market Microsoft's products. And I never consult PR. But. I have to admit that...
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    Advertising suckage

    I love True Blood (the HBO series for you noobs). The advertising they did (advertising in the form of faux advertising posing as advertising....oh, just click the link already) is horrendous. Here's the thing with a clever concept (which I think this...
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    Things to like about jury duty...

    Free bus ticket. That is all.
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    Classic weenie

    Occasionally, I am reminded of this memo . One of the best memos I have read. And coincidentally (synchronistically, perhaps), I had a guest speaker throw me a t-shirt in a presentation today and I left it there. Not only because I am not an XL (I could...
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    The myth of "having it all"

    I really hate that phrase. When have you heard an in-depth conversation about men "having it all". And so to the person that coined that phrase: either you said it in the fifties or you are kind of a jerk. Because that little phrase has made countless...
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