I really try not to be a Microsoft wonk. I try! Regular readers can attest to the fact that I am pretty product-agnostic up in here. This blog is certainly not a vehicle to market Microsoft's products.  And I never consult PR. But. I have to admit that I'm really loving what is going on with Bing. Love it!

The cherry on the launch cake is this. We have a lot of market space to catch up. I know that. But watching the Bing development team pull it together with a "pow!" is gratifying. And the marketing team too. <golf clap> Really.

The idea of Sergey gripped with fear makes me chuckle a little tiny bit. Bad for my karma? Maybe. Ungoogly? For sure. But I never aspired to googliness (a word? really?). What can I say? I have my fair share of competitiveness; or as I will now refer to it "Microsoftiness".